Bobby Lashley Reveals The Undertaker's Advice During First WWE Run

Bobby Lashley has revealed how The Undertaker advised him to stand up big and strong in a WWE ring to look impressive, in a move away from his low stance in amateur wrestling.

Lashley made his WWE debut in 2005, with his first run with the company lasting until 2008. It was during that time that the that The Phenom told the All Mighty to move away from his amateur wrestling style by standing up more in the ring, to make him seem bigger to the audience.

Speaking on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions, Lashley said; "As I started moving into it a little bit more and trying different kind of characters, some of the things I did in amateur (wrestling) kind of made me smaller. 

"And 'Taker told me once, when we were doing house shows, I instantly wanted to get in that wrestling role. And 'Taker was like, 'Stand up. Look at the ring and look at you. When you go down like that, it makes you look small. You stand up, you have the ring plus you're big, you're impressive, they're looking at you like, "Wow!"' 

"I tried to move more into the professional wrestling style, especially after my first run (with WWE)."

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