Bobby Lashley: The Hurt Business Is Still Alive In WWE

Bobby Lashley says The Hurt Business is still alive in WWE because of the bond he and MVP have. 

As the original two members of the faction on WWE Monday Night Raw, Lashley and MVP added Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin to their group last year, with the duo winning the Raw Tag Team Championships. 

However, Lashley kicked Alexander and Benjamin out of the stable prior to WrestleMania 37.

Despite just consisting of him and MVP, Lashley says the Hurt Business is still alive because they continue to beat people up as a duo in WWE.

Speaking about MVP, Lashley told Complex: "That’s my dude. Me and MVP, we go way back, and we were always like that. MVP is the kind of person that… You know when you come out from a match, and you have those different people that are always those “yes people”? “Oh, yeah, you did great. You looked good,” and everything like that. I don’t get that from him. I get honest opinions from him. 

“What do you think we need?” “Well, I think [you should] be careful of this. You need to fix this up. You know, in that match, you missed your game too much. You need to beat him down. Stop tap dancing...” Those are the kinds of things that he would say, and I love that because that’s real, and I need people around me that are going to keep it real for me. MVP is that person. MVP will keep it real whether you like it or not.

""Being on the road gives us the opportunity to drive around, and that’s [a part] of wrestling that you can’t buy. We don’t even talk about it. That’s just our personal experience of just traveling around the world and having different craziness happen in different cities all over the place. Things that happen every single day from the airport to the car rental places to the hotels to the shows. There’s all kinds of different stories that we have.

"Riding with him, we joke about this stuff, talk about this stuff, riding this wave. I mean, me and him are kind of at the tail-end of our careers, and it’s fun to be able to do some big stuff like that because, ultimately, five, 10, years down the road when I retire, I want to be that Goldberg that comes back every once in a while and puts a hurting on some of these people. 

"That’s what the Hurt Business is about. The Hurt Business is still alive, man."

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