Bobby Lashley Wants Another WWE World Title Run

Bobby Lashley wants another World Title reign in WWE

Bobby Lashley is one of the most legit grapplers in WWE, with Lashley’s in-ring prowess seeing him become a two-time WWE Champion in the organisation.

Lashley’s last run with the title came in 2022, with ‘The All Mighty’ having a quick 20 day reign in between two Brock Lesnar runs with the title. In a recent talk with WrestlingNews.co, Lashley revealed that he wants another run as champ;

“I think right now I kind of want to make a change. I kind of took more of a heel approach there for a while afterwards, because I needed some redemption for that [Missing WrestleMania 39]. And I wanted to take out some of these guys.

“I left the company for a little while, never said anything bad about the company. I never tried to put down the company. I came back after doing some independents and just getting some different work rates [and] working with some different people. Success in other companies and coming back and the things that I had to go through in order to get back to that chance of winning a world title... we're still moving forward.

“I have a great opportunity now, which I'm trying to focus my attention on. And I'd like another world title run. I'm in great shape, I will work my ass off. I'm building a team. I work with other people having good matches when I have an opportunity to have matches. But um, I think that I should and could have another good title run,” said Lashley.

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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