WWE Lawyers Discussing Usage Of 'YEET'

Jey Uso's 'YEET' issue isn't over

'YEET' may make a return to WWE TV in the future.

The term has risen greatly in popularity in recent months following Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes' post-Fastlane press conference which occurred after they had drank a few alcoholic beverages backstage. This led to Uso uttering "YEET" on TV more and more and even some 'YEET' merchandise on WWE Shop. 

That came to an end this week, however, as the 'YEET' t-shirt was blurred out on the December 4 edition of Monday Night Raw and it has since been confirmed that WWE have been forced to stop using the catchphrase over a trademark issue. Kasey Huffman, a pro wrestler based in West Virginia, has held the trademark to 'YEET' since 2021. 

The issue is not dead, however. Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslam.net has been told by WWE sources that the company's lawyers are discussing the legal claim against 'YEET' which suggests WWE haven't completely abandoned the situation and it remains an active matter within the organisation. Its usage has been suspended for the time being, though, while WWE lawyers discuss how to move forward. 

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