Booker T: Bron Breakker Only Has One Gear

Booker T wants to see more from Bron Breakker

At a time when fans appear to be turning on Bron Breakker, Booker T has criticised the NXT Champion, saying The Big Bad Booty Nephew only has "one gear."

"One piece of advice I can give Bron Breakker is you might need to listen to the fans. You can't get complacent in this business and think that the fans are going to stick with you. The one thing that you need to make it to that next level is the fans. The fans dictate everything. The one thing with Bron Breakker is he's got like one gear. He needs to figure out when he's riding in first, second, third, fourth, and when he needs to shift it into fifth. That's something that right now he's in that mode to where he's learning that," Booker T stated on his Hall of Fame podcast.

"Hopefully he'll hear this interview and go, 'Coach, what do you mean by that?', because you have to be innovative in this business. You have to be able to give the fans a bone every now and then. You got to be able to let them smell, you know, lift the pot a little bit and let them smell what's cooking up underneath. The thing is, you got to be able to mix what's in that pot up on a weekly basis. If I'm just eating chicken, chicken, chicken, I'm going to get tired of just eating chicken. I want some steak. If I just eat steak too long, give me some lobster. You have to be able to mix it up, especially when you're champion."

Breakker is currently in his second reign as NXT Champion, having regained the belt on the Raw after WrestleMania 38. He has been presented as the top star of the brand and has successfully defended the title against the likes of Joe Gacy, Grayson Waller, Cameron Grimes, and Apollo Crews.

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