Booker T Can Understand Why Nia Jax May Not Wrestle Again After Leaving WWE

Jax says it's 'highly unlikely' she's wrestle again

Booker T says he can understand why Nia Jax might be done with professional wrestling after leaving WWE. 

Jax was released by WWE in early November amid further cuts to the roster by the promotion, ending a seven-year association with the company. 

Jax noted on social media earlier this week that, having left WWE, it was 'highly unlikely' she would look to wrestle again, and WWE Hall Of Famer can understand why, saying she might have other projects she wants to consider or things she wants to do in life.

Speaking on his Hall Of Fame Podcast, Booker T said: "Sometimes when an opportunity comes and then you see what numbers are behind that opportunity, you say, ‘I’ll try this’, and it turns out to be a career for you for a period of time. But, who’s to say Nia Jax doesn’t want to do something else, like have a family, have a regular life, and be able to breathe for a moment.

"I’m telling you, being on the road, it’s no party. Let me rephrase that. It can be a party all the time, but it’s not easy at all. If you’re the type that wants to do something else just for a moment, if you’re doing this, you can’t."

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