Booker T Enjoying WWE NXT 2.0 So Far

He's digging what NXT is right now

Booker T has been enjoying the revamped NXT 2.0 so far and the WWE Hall Of Famer believes the new show will help talent get to the main roster as opposed to remaining in developmental.

"I'm really digging where NXT is going right now," Booker said on his Hall Of Fame podcast. "It's a totally different vibe. It's a totally different show. It's something that I always thought NXT should be. I think what this has done more than anything is it's giving those guys that's ready to come up out of that system and get them put in the main roster storylines immediately. The only thing that it's going to do for me is give those more people to work with. That's what we're talking about with WWE more than anything is we've seen everybody pretty much work with each other. It's pretty much a cycle like washing your clothes. Now with all of the influx of the NXT talent going straight to the main roster, I think this is going to be a game-changer. I like it.

"There's been a lot of guys in NXT that have been ready to go for quite some time. Those guys have been, I wouldn't say fronting NXT, but they have been a main part of the star power. For those guys to be on the main roster is the place a lot of those guys should have been a long time ago. I was talking about guys like Tommaso Ciampa and should he move to the main roster? I say Tommaso Ciampa is like a player/coach. He's a guy that fits perfectly in NXT. Some guys, say for instance, Hit Row, these guys are stars as well as they can be put in situations where they can make somebody else look good at the same time. My thing is certain guys and other guys, you have to look at them totally differently."

NXT underwent a revamp from September 14 and along with a new set and lighting, several new developmental talents have made their TV debuts over the last four weeks. 

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