Booker T Says Sexyy Red "Blew The Damn Roof Off" NXT

Booker T raved about Sexyy Red's NXT appearance

Booker T lost his damn mind on NXT this past week. When rapper Sexyy Red made her appearance in NXT to reveal the design of the new NXT Women’s North American Championship, and later accompany Trick Williams to the ring, Booker T was going wild on commentary for Sexyy Red’s antics. 

Unsurprisingly, Sexyy Red’s NXT cameo was mentioned on Booker T’s Hall Of Fame podcast

"Sexyy Red blew up the scene, man. I used to raise the roof, but she blew the damn roof off, you feel me? I found out the week before Sexyy Red was coming. I didn’t know exactly what kind of role she was gonna play or anything like that. I didn’t know she was going to be the host of Battleground. I didn’t know any of that, but honestly, I didn’t have any inclination of even what I was going to say about Sexyy Red before I saw, I swear to god. But she did a good job, I’m gonna say that right now. There’s people on the Internet, people always want to hate, people say we had bring some celebrity to NXT to pop the crowd, but NXT’s been popping the crowd for quite some time. Sexyy Red was just icing on the cake. I think Sexyy Red actually started it because she said something about Trick online, and then boom, it just gravitated from that point right there and everything went to fruition as far as Sexyy Red, as far as Sexyy Red being on the scene. But me personally, I love having some celebrity, some people from different genres come inside and play a role. Really, she’s not from this wrestling world, she’s a fan. But I must give her her props, she did a damn good job at what she had to do, and she pulled it off. Sexyy Red, Sexyy Red, shake it real fast, get a little more.” 

Booker would go on to joke that Sexxy Red and Lola Vice should have a dance off, stating that there “ain’t no infringement when it comes to twerking”. It is safe to say that Booker T enjoyed himself, and is happy to see more of Sexyy Red. 

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