Booker T Thinks Goldberg Vs. Wardlow Could Be A Disaster, Says Goldberg Should Beat Up Darby Allin

Booker T thinks Goldberg should beat up Darby Allin rather than have a match with Wardlow

Ahead of AEW’s All In event which is set to take place in August at Wembley Stadium in London, talk of a Goldberg match in AEW has drummed up especially after it has emerged that not only is he now a free agent, but he wants a retirement match.

Booker T has weighed in his opinion on Goldberg in AEW, but has shown complete disinterest in seeing what many state as a dream match between Goldberg and Wardlow on his Hall Of Fame podcast. 

"No, not for me. It's great on paper. It's something I could see headlining the marquee — I could see that. But, I'm talking about what could happen in an actual match between Wardlow and Goldberg. That could be a disaster, a total and complete disaster. I would not recommend this match."

Booker went on to state who he thinks Goldberg should face at the show, singling out Darby Allin and stating that Goldberg can “beat him up and get out of there.”

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Written by Andrew Kelly