Jim Ross Reveals He Would Have Handled Brawl Out Differently To Tony Khan

Jim Ross has opened up about how he would have dealt with "Brawl Out"

Jim Ross is no stranger to controversial backstage moments in professional wrestling, with him notably being a former Head Of Talent Relations in WWE, and even dealt with the aftermath of the infamous Plane Ride From Hell. He has shared his thoughts on the Brawl Out incident last year in which CM Punk’s media scrum outburst prompted a backstage fight with The Elite. 

For Ross, he has stated that he would have handled things differently to AEW’s President Tony Khan when talking on the Grillin’ JR podcast.

“My protocol would be to get all the involved parties into a room and settle it and settle it as quickly as soon after it happened as you possibly could and communicate. That's hard to do. "Sometimes, guys have their feelings hurt, or they're angry, or they feel like they have an issue. I'd say, you know, getting the crew together that's involved in this atrocity is what I would try to accomplish and talk it out. Talk it out and keep cooler heads should prevail, and communicate. As simple as that. Boils down to that, quite frankly, at the end of the day, how well do we communicate on this matter? 

“You want to do it while it's still hot. You want to do it while it's still fresh in everybody's mind and let people express themselves in a civil and professional way. Because, you know, [Bill Watts] told me years ago, there's more than one right way to do a wrestling angle or storyline, and I believe that. So, you know, everybody's got their cause. Everybody's got their reasons for doing what they did. Whether the results are right on the money or not, or what have you, I don't know. It's the individual who's looking at it."

Instead of doing it this way, Punk and The Elite were taken off television with several suspensions dished out. If reports are to be believed, the two parties haven’t been in contact since that day, with Punk only recently coming back into the AEW sphere following his recovery from injury. 

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