Bret Hart Names The WWE Superstar He Could Have A 'Masterpiece Match' With

Fantasy booking at its finest!

Bret Hart has named AJ Styles as the current WWE superstar he would most like to work with, describing a potential contest between the two as a 'masterpiece match'. 

Both Hart and Styles are regarded as two of the very best to ever step into a professional wrestling ring, and The Excellence Of Execution believes he and The Phenomenal One would be able to tell an incredible story. 

Speaking during an interaction with The Asylum Wrestling Store, when asked who he would most like to work with of the current crop of superstars, Hart said: "Of the current guys right now, I think I would’ve loved to work with AJ Styles.

"I mean he’s such a great talent and such a great wrestler that it would’ve been fun just to wrestle one big time or one big match with him. Either heel or babyface would’ve been fun.

"He’s got to be one of the greatest athletes in the business ever and it would have been fun just to dance with him one time, just to have one classic match with him. A babyface match would’ve been a good match. Him working heel, me working babyface would’ve been good. Me working heel, him working babyface would’ve been good. 

"Any way that would’ve, could’ve [been] put it together would have been a masterpiece match. I think he stands out." 

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