Booker T Questions Eric Bischoff's WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

Booker T worked for Bischoff in WCW

Booker T has admitted he is on the fence in regard to Eric Bischoff's induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame, questioning how the promotion determines who is worthy of the honour. 

Bischoff was the second name to be confirmed for the Class Of 2021 Hall of Fame, joining Molly Holly, Kane and The Great Khali. As executive producer of WCW, Bischoff engaged WWE in a fierce Monday Night War, before joining Vince McMahon's promotion as the on-screen general manager of Raw in 2002. 

Having worked for Bischoff in WCW, Booker T admitted he was surprised to see him get a solo induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame and, while the six-time World Champion is not advocating for the 65-year-old to not be inducted, believes WWE need to consider how they establish what makes an individual Hall Of Fame-worthy. 

Speaking on The Hall Of Fame Podcast, Booker T said: "Did one ever imagine or dream in a million years that Eric Bischoff would be getting the call to step inside the Hall of Fame, not with the nWo but on his own?

"Getting into the Hall of Fame to me, is normally the body of work. I’m in between on [Bischoff on the Hall of Fame], honestly. I don’t have a vote on who gets in the Hall of Fame or not. Is his body of work mounted up to Hall of Fame stats? I don’t know how we’re measuring those stats honestly. 

"When I look at the Hall of Fame in the wrestling business, I look at the Hall of Fame as the wrestling side. Okay, you’ve got your celebrity wing, but normally I don’t know. Just about anybody that goes into the Hall of Fame, they wrestle.

"I’m not taking Eric Bischoff out of the Hall of Fame or anything. I’m just trying to figure out what gets us to that point to where someone like Eric Bischoff gets into the Hall of Fame. In the Football Hall of Fame, name me five people that got into the Hall of Fame that didn’t get onto the gridiron and play. Name me five basketball Hall of Famers that did not get on the court."

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