Bret Hart Reveals WWE Wanted To Bill Him As From America

Yes, Bret ‘the most Canadian man ever’ Hart

When you think of Bret Hart, you’ll think of his accomplishments in the ring, his technical prowess, and the fact that he is a very very proud Canadian.

However, according to Hart himself, WWE wanted to bill him from America, saying the following to Sportsnet:

“When I first went to WWE, they wanted me to say I was from America,” Bret Hart revealed. “And I remember going, ‘I’m Bret Hart from Calgary.’ That’s where I’m from, that’s where I want to be from. I stuck to my guns and made them. I stayed ‘Bret Hart from Calgary’ with my dad’s history which eventually got worked into my storylines about The Dungeon and growing up in the Hart family.”

Especially during his 1997 run with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Hart was always a huge babyface in Canada, despite being a major heel in America:

“I was always mindful that I needed to be a hero in Canada,” the Hitman continued. “I need fans in Canada to go, ‘Yeah that was cool what Bret Hart did, I still back him even though he cheated last night.’”

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