Bret Hart Takes Shot At Goldberg While Discussing Brock Lesnar

This is not the first time Bret Hart has criticised Goldberg

Bret Hart has taken aim at Goldberg while discussing a 'dream match' with Brock Lesnar.

During a recent virtual signing with Signed by Superstars, The Hitman discussed The Beast Incarnate naming him as a dream match (as disclosed by Bret's niece and current WWE star Natalya).

In doing so, he managed to slip in a dig at Da' Man.

"I heard that I was his [Brock Lesnar] dream match. That was just a week ago I heard that. Always heard Brock was a good worker. I've never heard that [Lesnar was stiff in the ring]. Always heard just the opposite, that he looks stiff, but he's a real pro in the ring. Totally the opposite of Goldberg".

This is not the first time the Excellence of Execution has taken a shot at Goldberg. 

He has frequently criticised Goldberg for perceived recklessness after a stiff kick delivered by him in the main event of WCW Starrcade 1999 led to the concussion issues that soon ended Bret's in-ring career (and resulted in WCW terminating his lucrative contract). 

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