Bret Hart To Star In Crowd-Funded Movie 'The Outlaw Murders'

The Hitman becomes a detective

While Bret Hart has previously appeared in Lonesome Dove and The Simpsons, The Excellence Of Execution is set to star in a movie. 

It was announced that Hart had signed on to star in The Sewell Brothers' The Outlaw Murders. 

The movie follows experienced police detective with a chequered past Inspector Carlisle as he investigates a mass murder involving a biker gang he was previously a part of. 

According to the press release, "The Outlaw Murders will provide the audience with a healthy blend of who-done-it mystery, deep character study, dark humor and action-packed gunplay."

The film is being crowd-funded on Indiegogo from February 1 until April 2. Donations over $10 will receive a copy of the video game Hitman Highway for PC and Android. The game is a driving game starring Hart where you shoot and move your car through enemies and obstacles. 

The synopsis for the movie is as follows: 

"Every man has a past. For some it can provide a source of inspiration, for others it would soon be forgotten. In the case of Inspector Carlisle (Bret Hart) in The Outlaw Murders the story lands somewhere in between. Introduced to the outlaw biker life by his father, Carlisle seemed destined to a life of criminality and lawlessness. Things took a dramatic turn when his father succumbed to a drug overdose during a period of incarceration. Determined to avoid a similar unwelcome fate, Carlisle rejected the criminal biker world and joined the local police force. Now, after several decades of dedicated public service, he must come face to face with his past when he is assigned to investigate a mass murder involving associates from his earlier biker days. Forced to sort through a puzzle of blood, bodies, bikes and bullets, Inspector Carlisle's investigative skills and experience will be put to a test that will define his life in law enforcement."

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