Matt Hardy Details Being Found Guilty In WWE Wrestlers' Court

The Hardy Boys were grilled by JBL over a first-class plane seat

AEW star CM Punk caused a bit of a stir last week when he derided 'wrestlers' court' (a kangaroo court system set up backstage in WWE and run by wrestlers in order to settle issues within the locker room without going to management).

Typically, JBL would serve as the prosecutor while The Undertaker oversaw as judge.

Speaking on this week's The Extreme Life with Matt Hardy podcast, the tag team legend detailed his experience with wrestlers' court, which he and brother Jeff found themselves in due to an incident on an airplane. 

"We go to get on the plane, we get in our seats and then all of a sudden when they’re ready to close the door they say 'It's going to be one second, we're late, there's someone who was having an issue and they made this flight at the last second so they’re getting on right now', and it was Glenn Jacobs (Kane). He had some sort of issue where travel delayed him and he just barely made the flight and he was coming through and they said 'Oh Glen, you're not in first-class?. 'Well, I was, but I guess they gave away my seat'.

"As he's walking by, Jeff and I are respectfully trying to get out of our seats and the guys are holding us in these seats. They knew, the powers to be that were running wrestlers court at the time, they knew that Michael was the one who put us in those seats and it was like a reward for us winning the tag titles. We didn't ask for it, we knew we almost didn't belong there at that juncture.

"I'll never forget how entertaining JBL was. He was like 'Look, I'm going to tell you guys. We're going to give you guys a bit of a hard time but make sure to buy some bottles of Jack Daniels and make sure to pay off the judge Undertaker and everything will be fine. Really, we're going to get Michael on this one because we know Michael is the one that put you guys up to it'. Just as he was sitting there, he said 'Ladies and Gentlemen, The Hardy Boyz are here now and they must be two of the biggest stars in the company because now they're sitting first class and they won the World Tag Team Championships and obviously they feel like they're a big deal.

"They told Kane he's a piece of sh*t, even though he’s a former World Champion, he doesn't draw any money for the company and he's not a big man who is important because they just sent his ass to the back, to coach. Ladies and Gentlemen, I want you to know that these Hardy Boyz are running rampant. It could happen to me, it could happen to anyone of you. I find them all guilty'. 

"We ended up doing our deal where we bribed the judge with Jack Daniels bottles so we were off the hook, but I think Michael had to buy Kane lunch for like a month at different restaurants because he took away his first-class lunch that he was going to have on that flight".

h/t wrestlingnews.co

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