Brett Lauderdale Reveals The Wrld On GCW Was "A Smash Hit", Feels He Still Let People Down

The event broke ratings records for GCW

The world is still reeling from The Wrld on GCW from New York’s Hammerstein ballroom, an evening that saw everything from the return of Nick Gage, to a Virgil sighting, and everything in between.

GCW head Brett Lauderdale reflected on the show on Twitter, revealing that it was a smash hit, but he feels he let people down:

“Sunday was a smash hit business wise for gcw. All records shattered and its not even close. But im not happy at all. Feel like I let a lot of people down. Got played and I shoulda known better. Big time learning experience. Gonna work harder than ever to get a 2nd chance.”

Unsurprisingly, The Wrld on GCW was the biggest hit on Fite TV in GCW history, with the show even available as a traditional pay-per-view.

Whilst no numbers for the event have been revealed, POST Wrestling did confirm with FITE TV Chief Operating Officer Mike Weber that the show broke GCW records:

“GCW show did very well. This is the best show for them, not for FITE. We did 700,000 buys for the Tyson/Jones fight from a year ago.”

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