Brian Myers & Matt Cardona Comment On Edge's Potential Retirement

The Edgeheads had different ways of discussing Edge's potential last WWE match

Quite a few names have spoken out in praise of Edge over the last few days with it emerging that his WWE contract is coming to an end and that he may have wrestled his last match, and two of those to give comments are the former “Edgeheads” Brian Myers and Matt Cardona, who broke onto WWE’s main roster as stablemates in La Familia alongside Edge. 

Myers spoke to the Metro about Edge, “Of course, I’d be sad – I was devastated the first time he retired, I was devastated to the point of tears. I was literally crushed to the point of tears. So I think anything past that point where he thinks he was forced into retirement, I think this has just been icing on the cake if you will, to get some more Edge matches when you thought they were long gone.”

He went on to talk about how he hopes Edge is at peace, and noted how much he learned from Edge during his early days in WWE. 

Matt Cardona had a different approach to Edge’s potential retirement, replying to Ryan Satin’s tweet asking if this was Edge’s last match. Cardona said, I hope not. He’s gotta wait for me to come home.”

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