Brian Pillman Jr. Wanted MJF Feud In AEW To Last Longer

Pillman Jr. pitched for a 12-week feud with MJF

Following the end of his programme with Chris Jericho, MJF began a brief feud with Brian Pillman Jr. during which Friedman stated that Brian Pillman was in hell and called his rival's mother 'Methanie'. Their issues would only intensify during the short rivalry before MJF ended their storyline with a win over Pillman Jr. at Dynamite Grand Slam. 

Addressing MJF's current AEW status on Counted Out with Mike & Tyler, Pillman Jr. admitted he wanted their feud to be longer.

"I'm not too sure what's going on with him right now. We used to be a lot closer, but with work and stuff, and things start getting more serious and personal, you tend to try and prioritise work when you're at work and it's a lot less about being buddy-buddy. There used to be a time, him and I came up on the indies together, and I sort of introduced him to his current girlfriend now. Max is a good kid. At the end of the day, we all want more. The grass is always greener on the other side. He's a smart kid and he'll land on his feet," Pillman said.

"That angle was good. I wish we could have gotten more out of it. They told me, straight up, at the beginning that it was just going to be a short thing. I thought, 'we have something more here.' I'm young and I want it all. It's not really anybody's fault. I just went, 'I want to do this for not just three weeks, let's do this for 12 weeks. Let's get a good programme out of this.' Maybe, in their mind, I wasn't the person to do that with at the time. Everything happens for a reason. I'm in a really good spot right now and I think Max will land on his feet." 

MJF would move on to face Darby Allin at the Full Gear pay-per-view after his programme with Brian Pillman Jr. ended. Pillman, meanwhile, has continued to team with Griff Garrison in the Varsity Blonds and they will face Jon Moxley and Wheeler Yuta on AEW Dynamite. 

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