Britt Baker Just Wants Adam Cole 'To Be Happy' Amid AEW Speculation

Undisputed happiness is key for Baker and Cole

In the wake of Adam Cole’s WWE contract revelations this week, speculation about the former NXT Champion’s future was widely speculated upon by wrestling fans worldwide, with many wanting to see the former Bullet Club hellraiser make his way over to AEW. 

With his best friends running the promotion, and his girlfriend Britt Baker reigning as AEW Women’s World Champion, it’s not hard to see that a jump to Al Elite would be attractive to Cole, but according to Baker, she doesn’t care what Cole does, as long as he is happy: 

“He has got to hold down the Tuesday night and I’ll hold down the Wednesday night, right?!" Baker told The Daily Star “I think it’s funny when people say, ‘he has to go to AEW because of Britt!’ because there are so many more people at AEW who have played a bigger role in the wrestling side of his life. People like The Young Bucks, Kenny [Omega]; he was in the Bullet Club for the majority of the Indie career people know him for. He has such a history in AEW that, if he came here, the storylines are endless - but he’s happy where he is. So, if he were to jump ship and come my way, that would be awesome, but if he stays in WWE forever then I’d be happy, too, as I just want him to be happy." 

Regardless of where Cole ends up, it’s bound to send shockwaves throughout the wrestling industry.

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