Britt Baker Reveals How Adam Cole Reacted To Her AEW Lights Out Match

Cole watched it while backstage at WWE NXT

In the main event of last week's edition of AEW: Dynamite, Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa faced off in a widely-praised Lights Out Match. The bout featured thumbtacks, ladders and tables and Baker was left battered and bloodied by the time Thunder Rosa pinned her. 

Britt Baker was the latest guest on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette and during their conversation, The Role Model revealed how boyfriend Adam Cole reacted to the Lights Out match.

"It's no secret that it was pre-taped the week before. That's not a secret. As soon as we got to the back, they're taking the tacks out and everything and he's really good friends with Jeff Jones and he had been texting Jeff Jones. He was really really worried. He was worried about me and they went and grabbed the phone to FaceTime him and I'm obviously covered in blood. Jeff was like to prepare him, 'Okay, so she's okay.' Adam says, 'Let me see her,' and there I was just covered in blood, but he was so happy," Britt said.

"And he actually watched the match when it was playing, he was backstage in NXT. He does not miss a big moment, he was watching it on his phone in the back. His text almost made me cry. He just said that, 'Britt you literally just made history. This is one of the best women's matches I've ever seen. One of the best gimmick matches I've ever seen, period.' And just saying how that match will always be remembered."

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