Bobby Lashley On Winning The WWE Championship: "I'm Glad It Took Me This Long"

Lashley recently defeated The Miz to reach the top of the mountain

16 years after he entered the professional wrestling industry, Bobby Lashley finally reached the top of the mountain and captured the WWE Championship on the March 1, 2021, episode of Raw.

Lashley was a recent guest on the Justin Kinner Show to talk about his title win and he admitted it was more special because he had to wait so long. 

"It does. It definitely does. I enjoy the wait. Of course, I would have wanted it sooner because with all the perks it could have came a lot sooner. You know, the champion's gonna make a little bit of extra money, the champion's gonna get little extra things," Lashley stated. 

"I just flew on a private jet to Raw on Monday. Some of the things you get as a WWE Champion, I wish I would of had it before. But at the same time, winning it - I even told this to Vince too - I said, 'You know what? I'm glad it took me this long.'"

How long The All Mighty will hold on to the gold ultimately remains to be seen, but he will defend the title against Drew McIntyre on night one of WrestleMania 37. 

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