Bronwyne Billington Wants Dynamite Kid To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame

The former WWE Tag Team Champion is a controversial figure in the wrestling world

There is constant debate about who should and shouldn’t be in WWE’s Hall of Fame. Whilst some names are no brainers on either side of the argument, some are more complex, with few as complex as The Dynamite Kid.

One of the most innovative and influential wrestlers of all time, Dynamite Kid also had a well publicised dark side, with strong allegations of domestic and spousal abuse, as well as a reputation as a bully in the business itself.

Now, Dynamite Kid’s daughter Bronwyne Billington has come out publicly in support of her father taking ‘his rightful place’ in the HOF, telling SportsMattersTV:

“I sure hope so [Dynamite Kid gets inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame]. Um, yeah I’m not sure why it hasn’t happened or what they’re waiting for, but I definitely see it happening sometime. I’m sure they have a plan and why. Davey [Boy Smith Sr.’s] in now so maybe that’s just the next step into it happening, and I know that some people have a bad taste in their mouth about my dad or he has a bad reputation, so I’m sure that has something to do with it but Davey, why did it take so long? But now that-that door is open, I’m hoping The Bulldogs will go in together and that’s just the next step.”

Bronwyne took part in the Dark Side of the Ring episode about her father, and said it was a nerve-wracking experience:

“Filming it was pretty nerve wracking. I think I did okay, I just got through it but it was like, just their style of filming, it was really close up so it felt like the camera was right here in my face and I was just answering the questions. I just wanted to get through it and then after I was so nervous that I didn’t say enough. It ended up being what? A 45-minute episode so they couldn’t use a lot of what we said anyway so, it really didn’t matter that I didn’t say enough because they only put so much in there. But, it was a really good experience, they’re really nice guys – the producers, really professional and I got to film with my sister that day so it was like a bonding experience, that was really nice and my mom, she filmed the next day but, overall, we were really happy with it. All the positive feedback was really amazing to see and so that made us feel good about it.”

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