WWE Wanted To Name Nick Comoroto 'Ogre'

Nick Ogarelli was almost 'Ogre'

Before signing with All Elite Wrestling, Nick Comoroto spent a year in WWE as a developmental talent from February 2019 until April 2020.

Comoroto wrestled as Nick Ogarelli in WWE on the NXT house show loop against the likes of Cal Bloom, Rinku Singh and Cezar Bononi, and he revealed the organisation wanted to bill him as 'Ogre' from Revenge of the Nerds.

"I did the house show loops [for NXT]. Eventually - it was Nick Comoroto for the first bit and then it became Nick Ogarelli. They wanted to call me 'Ogre' from Revenge of the Nerds. If you saw, I had the cutoff sleeves and there's a lot of things that it was just - I will never - it was not a waste going there. I learned a lot," Comoroto said at K&S Wrestlefest.

Comoro then detailed developing his Ogarelli character, adding: "Norman Smiley is one of the best coaches I've - in wrestling there is, if not the best, and there was this guy there Ryan Katz who helped me bring out my character. I'm very shy, I'm very stuttery and I'm very socially awkward so he turned that into a character with the Ogarelli thing and one of my first speeches - one of my first promos, like live promos was written a certain way that whenever they debut a new character, they always cut this one promo about how, 'I'm the best, I'm gonna go destroy everybody and I'm gonna be -' and it's always awkward, the crowd's dead. So we turned my social awkwardness to ten and we made that promo as awkward as possible on purpose and then the crowd loved it because they were all into what was going on."

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