Bruce Prichard Denies Vince McMahon Is Involved With WWE Creative

Reports of Vince McMahon back in WWE Creative are untrue according to Bruce Prichard

With Vince McMahon returning to WWE earlier this year to head-up a sale of the company, reports soon emerged suggesting that McMahon had made his way back into WWE creative, with several tell-tale signs suggesting McMahon was once again giving his input to creative.

However, WWE’s Bruce Prichard says such reports are wide of the mark, telling The Press Box:

"He hasn't yet. He made it to one TV and really had nothing to say other than, 'great show, thank you guys.' In that regard, he is busy working on the business end of things and has given us free rein on the creative end of things to handle it. I think we've done a pretty good job so far," said Prichard.

Despite this, reports have suggested that WWE morale has been affected by recent sightings of McMahon in ‘Gorilla position’, although subsequent reports have suggested that Vince McMahon was just visiting and had no input on creative matters.

Triple H took control of WWE creative following McMahon’s initial ‘retirement’ in summer 2022 in the wake of serious assault allegations being levelled at McMahon.

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