Report: Concern Within WWE Over Vince McMahon's Perceived Involvement With Creative

More on Vince McMahon's involvement in WWE creative

Since his return to WWE as Executive Chairman in January 2023 to facilitate a sale of the organisation, speculation has suggested Vince McMahon is more involved with creative than has been declared publicly. Particular Vince-isms have also cropped up in recent weeks, such as a pretaped interview being redone after a wrestler mentioned 'wrestling'.

In an update, Fightful Select reported that despite WWE representatives vehemently denying that McMahon is involved with creative, some "red flags" have caused concern amongst talent to the point that discussions reached the AEW locker room. One particular concern has been the increasing regularity of last-minute rewrites under the Triple H regime, something that became a hallmark during the latter years of Vince McMahon's time in charge of creative. There has also been characters and gimmicks that have appeared to be adjusted in a way that would appeal to McMahon. The situation has said to have impacted roster morale. 

Talent did note they haven't been told directly that McMahon is involved with creative beyond giving his input and people on the creative team insisted they have had no direct contact with the 77-year-old. WWE and McMahon are also aware that him being publicly involved in creative would likely cause a huge blow to morale on the roster and there have been some signs that McMahon isn't heavily involved, such as the lack of rematches and talents McMahon disliked being featured on TV. 

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