Bruce Prichard: I Was Not Surprised Kurt Angle Joined TNA After Leaving WWE

Angle left WWE and joined TNA in 2006

Bruce Prichard says he was not surprised to see Kurt Angle join TNA so quickly after leaving WWE, saying the Olympic Gold Medallist 'always needs something to do'.

Angle recently opened up on the details around his release from WWE in 2006, begging Vince McMahon to let him leave so he could focus on getting better and over his addiction to pain medication. However, Angle would instead sign with TNA not long after.

WWE Executive Producer of Raw and SmackDown Prichard wasn't shocked when Angle found a new job in wrestling so soon after, saying that while Angle knew what was necessary to do to get better, he wasn't able to actually do it at that time.

Speaking on his Something to Wrestle podcast, when asked if he was surprised when Angle joined TNA, Prichard said: "No. I think Kurt was in denial and I think Kurt needed something. Kurt always needs something to do.

"So while Kurt may say with his mouth, 'I need to rest. I need to do that. I need to rejuvenate. I need to do this to recover or what have you.' He will say the right things, but Kurt's drive will not allow him to sit and do the things necessary a lot of times."

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