Bruce Prichard Reportedly Pitched Manager Role For Adam Cole In WWE

The idea was not well received

Executive Director Of Raw and SmackDown Bruce Prichard was reportedly the man behind the idea to have Adam Cole cut his hair and become a manager for Keith Lee on the WWE main roster.

Cole's contract with WWE expired in August and the former NXT Champion had the choice of either remaining with the promotion, and being called up to either Raw or SmackDown, or pursuing ventures outside the company. Cole would sign with All Elite Wrestling, making his debut at All Out last month.

One idea for Cole on the WWE main roster that was reported would involve the 32-year-old cutting his notably long hair and serving as a mouthpiece for another former NXT Champion, Keith Lee.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, it was Prichard who initially pitched the idea which, in Meltzer's view, highlights just how out of touch with modern wrestling those people closest to Vince McMahon truly are.

Meltzer said: "Bruce was the guy with the Adam Cole idea. That’s not the guy, that’s not the guy you want there. He[Vince] needs a guy who is a product of the last few years of wrestling who knows the last few years of wrestling and understands today’s wrestling and has a clue of where tomorrow’s wrestling is going because today’s wrestling doesn’t matter.

"You should be thinking 2024 and 2025 right now. If you’re in 1980 then you’re going to be even further away."

As reported earlier this year, WWE Chairman McMahon has surrounded himself with people like Prichard and John Laurinaitis - individuals who will not disagree with McMahon's views, ideas and assessments. 

Cole has received monster reactions since his move to AEW, already establishing himself as a leading player in the promotion.

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