Bruce Prichard Talks About WWE Introducing The Wellness Policy

The policy was introduced in 2006

Bruce Prichard once again sat down with Conrad Thompson for the popular Something To Wrestle With Podcast.

On the latest episode, the two talked about Saturday Night’s Main Event 2006, but talk shifted to the introduction of WWE’s wellness policy.

“It was something that was brought to life with Eddie [Guerrero],” Prichard said. “Obviously you see the condition of his heart, Eddie didn’t know, the company didn’t know and the question was a guy that was in as good of shape as Eddie Guerrero appeared to be and performing at a level he performed at every single night, there were no indications. 

“Instituting a wellness policy that incorporates all things wellness, from your mental health to your physical health, everything in between and have that monitored and be a resource for talent versus looking at it as a drug policy.

“That’s not what it was at all, this was a policy of, ‘OK guys, how can we be the healthiest that you can be, if you have underlying conditions and we do regular testing, we’re going to discover those conditions a whole lot sooner’. That’s the general understanding that I have of it and it was done to help talent to be able to be in front of things and not look at something like oh my god, I didn’t know that was there because a lot of the time guys were on the road. This instituted a policy and overall testing that would help them and be a source to catch s--t early on.”

Credit: Something To Wrestle With
H/T: Wrestling Inc. for the transcription

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