Bruce Prichard Reveals He Is Done With Dark Side Of The Ring

Bruce Prichard is no longer a fan of Dark Side of the Ring

Bruce Prichard was formerly someone featured on the Dark Side of the Ring series, being a frequent part of the first season in which he was involved in episodes covering the likes of the Montreal Screwjob and the duo of “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. 

However, in the years since, Prichard has soured on the show, stating on the Something to Wrestle podcast that he will never be on it again. 

“I can't watch those things. I think they dwell on negativity, lies, bullshit, and hearsay, and they exploit that. So much of it is based on rumour and innuendo and just complete 100% bullshit. The producers do their homework to the extent that satisfies them. When you dispute their homework and give them facts that don't support their story and narrative, they choose to ignore it.

"That is why I have not done anything since the first ones that I did for the first season, and I will never do anything with them again because I do not like the way that they present stories because they're only looking for negativity to exploit, and in my old age, I learn there's a lot more than negativity.”

This was in response to the recent Marty Jannetty episode, which Prichard wasn’t fond of. 

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