Bryan Danielson Admits The Idea Of Being AEW World Champion Doesn't Bring Him Joy

Bryan Danielson speaks about his priorities in AEW.

In a recent interview with Ron Funches on One Fall, Bryan Danielson spoke about not needing the AEW World Championship - or any title - to achieve joy in his wrestling career. He explained:

"What I feel like my job is in wrestling at this point is service. That's actually what brings me the most joy. Me being champion or anything like that, if they really wanted me to be champion, I'd do it, if they thought it was good for business - but that's not what inspires me or brings me joy." 

He also spoke about being motivated by a desire to help the development of AEW's younger stars.

"Being able to get in the ring with younger talent or being able to give back, that's the stuff that brings value to my life. Especially now, as an older wrestler. I don't need the spotlight, nor do I really want the spotlight. I love AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation. I would love just being on those shows. I would love to do that. Tony Khan pays me too much money to do that. He wants me to be on TV and that kind of stuff. I would be just as happy, probably more happy, because I love to wrestle, but being able to wrestle and then also helping people achieve their dreams in wrestling. Those are things that inspire me and light up my brain. When he approached me with wrestling Daniel Garcia, I was like, 'That sounds great, I would love to do that.'"

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