Bryan Danielson Details Who He Wants To Face In AEW

Danielson is currently on a collision course with Jon Moxley

Bryan Danielson has only been in AEW for a few months, but has already fought some new foes, having battled the likes of Adam Page, and Eddie Kingston, whilst having a long overdue with rematch with Kenny Omega.

Danielson is looking to the future though, and in an interview with Muscle & Fitness, ‘The American Dragon’ mentioned a few names he wants to wrestle:

“I’m super excited, and it’s crazy because it seems like AEW keeps adding people to the roster on a weekly basis. But there’s a lot of matches that I’m really looking forward to,” said Danielson. “I’d really love to wrestle Derby Allin. I’d really love to wrestle Sammy Guevara, Daniel Garcia, MJF, there’s all these people, and then there’s like the big one, and I have wrestled him before, but it would be CM Punk. That would be really cool.

“I’d love to wrestle [Jon] Moxley in this [AEW] scenario, versus the WWE scenario, you know what I mean? Where we are a little bit freer and more unleashed, because I think he’s fantastic. There’s one more that would just be supercool for the fans, and for the kid inside of me, and that would be Sting.”

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