Bryan Danielson Details Why He Likes To Help Out Backstage In AEW

Bryan Danielson loves to see his AEW co-workers excel.

As his full-time in-ring career winds down, Bryan Danielson has found himself contributing to AEW in other ways, including working with Tony Khan in a creative fashion. 

During a recent appearance on The Hull Show, 'The American Dragon' was asked if he gets more enjoyment from this, or from wrestling, to which Danielson replied: 

"I like both. The physical experience of wrestling is unlike anything else. I love it. Love it, love it, love it. You start to realise that your body can only take so much. That's where I almost prefer doing the backstage stuff now because, the repercussions... it's rewarding; I love seeing people I work with excel. There is nothing better than helping somebody and then they go out there and they do something awesome and seeing how happy they are when they come back from an amazing match or an amazing promo. They come back and you see the fire in their eyes. 'Yeah, that's it'.

"That's where it's at for me now. I still love going out and wrestling. There is a certain joy that can't be replicated anywhere else. Now, what really inspires me or what I shoot for, is how do I make AEW better? How can I contribute to AEW and contribute to the younger stars that we have and help make them better or help them get to where they want to be? Wrestling can't be taught, but it can be learned. Giving them the tools so they can learn how to do this thing that they love too".

The 43-year-old entered the Owen Hart Memorial Foundation tournament earlier this week, with the intention of winning it and bagging an AEW World Championship match at All In.

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