Bryan Danielson Moved To AEW For Matches He'd Never Had Before

The American Dragon has already had a handful of dream matches since his switch to AEW

When rumours started swirling of Bryan Danielson joining AEW, the internet wrestling community went into overdrive coming up with dream opponents they’d like to see Danielson square off against.

And the fans weren’t alone, as Danielson himself has revealed that he became ‘All Elite’ to wrestle people he’d never faced before.

Danielson revealed to Gresh and Keefe that signing with AEW has refreshed his personal roster of potential opponents, saying:

“I never want to put down the WWE roster because those men and women are fantastic, but the thing is, I was there for 11 years and I’d wrestled most of them. Cesaro’s one of my good friends. I actually just visited him this last weekend, but I’ve wrestled Cesaro a decent amount of times. I look at the AEW roster, and I see, oh, man, there’s all these fantastic guys that I’ve never wrestled before. Part of me, as an older guy, I feel like younger wrestlers can learn from you. That’s one thing, but also from an older wrestler’s perspective, I think you can learn a lot from wrestling younger guys because they got into wrestling for a completely different reason than I did. You have to think, I’ve been wrestling now for 22 years. The world has changed dramatically in 22 years. 20-year-old Dante Martin, the reason why he likes wrestling is completely different than the reason why I liked wrestling at 14 in 1995. You learn about what the younger audience is interested in. I’m just fascinated by it all.”

So far Danielson has had critically acclaimed bouts against the likes of Kenny Omega and Minoru Suzuki, with plenty of dream matches still on the table. But there are some dream matches that Danielson wants that will sadly never happen:

“There’s always people that you wish you could have wrestled,” continued Danielson “Most people listening to this may not know who he is anymore, but Lou Thesz, I’d love to wrestle Lou Thesz. Shawn Michaels, who helped train me, he’s somebody who I really would have loved to have wrestled, but there’s so many people out there that are so good. I honestly try not to worry about things that cannot or will not happen. Focus on the things that you can make happen, and that’s actually one of the reasons why I came to AEW. I got to wrestle Kenny Omega in my first match in AEW, and that was one of the guys who I really wanted to wrestle when I was in WWE because he had gotten so good. So just focus on the things that you can accomplish, as opposed to the things that are just impossible.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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