Bryan Danielson's AEW Contract To Expire Before All In 2024

Bryan Danielson's AEW contract is expiring soon

Bryan Danielson is currently engaging in his last full-time year as a professional wrestler. Despite saying in the past that he will never retire, there is a question of whether his professional wrestling career will remain in AEW. Danielson has himself revealed over the weekend that his AEW contract is set to expire before the upcoming All In 2024 event in London, England, on August 25. 

When speaking on Casual Conversations with The Classic, Danielson said that competing at Wembley Stadium was still something he wanted to tick off, though is unsure if he will get there due to an expiring deal. 

“The big one is Wembley. I want to make it to Wembley. My contract actually expires before Wembley. But I want to make it to Wembley. Because as a wrestling fan — one, last year’s All In was incredible. But then as a wrestling fan, that’s like a defining moment, when the British Bulldog beats Bret Hart. So you think of Wembley almost in these mythical terms.”

Danielson went on to say that when looking ahead to the end of his full-time run, he’d like to wrap things up at the Tacoma Dome, which will host the 2024 WrestleDream event. 

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