Buff Bagwell Episode Of Dark Side Of The Ring In The Works

Dark Side of the Ring producing episode on Buff Bagwell

Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring explores the sordid and tragic sides of professional wrestling, as well as presenting stories on controversial stars, and the unfortunate careers that befell some of wrestling’s brightest stars.

The series has looked at the likes of Owen Hart, Randy Savage, and FMW amongst other topics, and former WCW star Buff Bagwell has revealed that he is set to be the subject of a future episode, saying the following during a recent live Q&A session with AdFreeShows:

“Something that's coming up that I'm really excited about is the Dark side of the Ring is doing my story," Bagwell said. "They're taking me and my old man to a shooting range. Remember I shot my dad? He's gonna tell the story, but Tara, the Head Producer of Dark side of the Ring, she goes, 'What do you think about going to a shooting range', and I went, ‘Okay.' My old man is real cool about it. Me and my old man are tight. We've been best friends for 20, 30, my whole life except that little era right there when I tried to kill him. No big deal (he laughs)."

A WCW homegrown talent, Marcus Bagwell reached new heights when he joined the NWO as the arrogant ‘Buff’, and become one of WCW’s most popular stars during their final years. After a disastrous brief run in WWE during the Invasion, Bagwell has done everything from independent wrestling, to spending some time working as a gigolo.

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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