Bully Ray Admits He Isn't A Very Good Wrestler

Bully Ray knows how to play to his strengths

Bully Ray may be a WWE Hall of Famer and considered a legend (especially when it comes to tag team wrestling) within the industry, but he freely admits that he's not actually a very good wrestler. 

During a recent appearance on Insight, Bully explained to Chris Van Vliet how he has long been aware that he is not a good technical wrestler in the vein of Dean Malenko or Eddie Guerrero, but that he chose to focus on his strengths as a performer, saying: 

"I am very much a perfectionist when it comes to my business, my livelihood, wrestling, I've always been that way. When I say that I am not a very good wrestler, I'm not kidding. So I don't, a lot of stuff that the guys today do, or the great mat wrestlers, when you think of guys like a Malenko, like a Guerrero, I never had that ability, I never had that skill.

"What I was good at was the storytelling and the character and the smoke and mirrors and the use of everything else at my disposal to create something that might be more interesting than just a regular wrestling match. So I play to my strengths, I know what my weaknesses are, I try to keep them by my side. That is the beauty of this business, you don't have to do what you are not good at doing".

The 51-year-old is currently engaged in a rivalry with fellow ECW alumnus Tommy Dream in IMPACT Wrestling. Earlier this year, Ray said that he plans to 'stick around' in IMPACT for a while. 

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