Canyon Ceman Issues Statement On WWE Departure

Ceman was released in the summer of 2021

Canyon Ceman has commented publicly for the first time about his WWE release, issuing a statement on LinkedIn.

Ceman joined WWE in 2021 first as a senior director of talent relations. He was later promoted to vice president of talent development and he was heavily involved in NXT, scouting and recruiting talent.

Ceman wrote:

"In the spirit of 2022, and a new chapter about to begin, I want to say thank you and a final LinkedIn goodbye to my past chapter at WWE. 

I am grateful to WWE for an adventurous 9.5 year run as a leader in talent development.  

- It was an adventure to articulate and execute the vision, for talent development and NXT, of HHH/#PaulLevesque, a visionary leader with world class creativity and discipline, and a good human. We were fortunate to lead a team of passionate and interesting humans like #MattBloom, #WilliamRegal, #KristinAltman, Paul Fair, Cami Levin, Ali Bologna, Danielle Vastola, Amanda Tustian, Scott Amann, Gregg Bernard… and many more true professionals at WWE HQ past and present.

I am most proud of:

- the efforts we made towards professionalization and globalization of athlete acquisition and development, India, Dubai, Japan, China, Saudi, Mexico, Australia, Chile, Germany, etc. What a ride!!!

- our role in the Women’s empowerment movement in WWE, from Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch to Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair, so proud of Sara Amato and all we accomplished

- the culture of respect and empowerment we built at the WWEPC, as we launched and grew NXT and NXTUK… 

- and of the superstars launched and stories created through all of these projects. 

- It was fun and fulfilling to develop athletes and humans at the WWE Performance Center with unique and committed people like Head Coach Matt Bloom, Shawn Michaels, Sara Amato, Robbie Brooks, Steve Corino, Norman Smiley, Terry Taylor, #RyanKatz, Jeremy Borash, Sean Hayes, Malissa Lappas, medical, creative, and the rest of the WWEPC coaches and staff. Too many to name but you know who you are. We had a great run during some magical years. Your passion and commitment are inspiring.

- It was an honor and pleasure to recruit and work with WWE and NXT Sports Entertainers, who are among the hardest working and most passionate/ creative athletes I have ever been around.  

To watch them perform for the rabid NXT audience from 2012-2021 was inspirational. 

The performance art of pro wrestling is worthy of respect… the more you learn the more impressed you become with all that it requires. Creative Physicality.

- Finally, I am grateful to my wife Kimberly Johnson Ceman for all the sacrifices she made to allow me to work and travel as much as I did. Our 3 resilient kids are thriving, and she deserves much of the credit.  

Gratitude and Respect

We had a great run, but it’s time to move on to our next chapter.

Announcement coming soon :) !"

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