Carmella DeCesare Details "Horrible" Run As Part Of WWE Diva Search

Carmella DeCesare became a target for the rest of the Diva Search contestants

2004 WWE Diva Search runner-up Carmella DeCesare has opened up about her experience in the competition, describing it as "horrible".

Though she enjoyed working for WWE as a company, she was less thrilled about the way she was treated during the actual competition. 

Speaking with the Girls Next Level podcast, the former Playboy Playmate of the Year was very candid about how everyone besides eventual winner Christy Hemme treated her badly. 

"The experience was horrible. Talk about competition. At least the girls with Playboy were nice. These girls were f*cking brutal. Brutal. They were so terrible. Most of that is scripted. Everything that we do there, it’s like you go for a show eight hours before a show. You stick to your script. That's the way that it is. They would carry it to the locker room. I would walk in a locker room, they were calling me a slut, a skank, every nasty name that they could. It was so ruthless. 

"It was f*cked up [the names I was called on TV]. They were so nasty and it was not scripted. Were there things that were scripted? Yes. I was kind of cast to play the villain so I mean, I said some nasty, horrible things that were, you know, it was scripted but it just didn't stop when you got off the stage. When you go back in the locker room and they're in there just talking sh*t to you, talking sh*t about you and I'm like, it's not right and I think it got to a point where I was just like, hey, I'm good. I'm working with Playboy, I don't need this and I think at that point, they probably had a talk with some of the girls but I remember one that owned a modeling agency in L.A., she was awful. She was not a nice person at all. 

"They said every nasty name that they could call me and it was so awkward too because you're walking in this locker room and they're all talking about you and you're walking in, you hear it all and it's like, well what am I supposed to say? It's like one against 12 people. It was just the most uncomfortable, uneasy and I'm like, I don't need this. I didn't need the money at that point but I wanted to be…even after, I wanted to continue working for WWE because once the contest portion was done, it was fun and I actually liked the winner. The winner was nice, it was Christy Hemme. She was great but the rest of them were awful. The only time that any of them were nice was when it got down to the final three and they didn't have their backup b*tches with them on the side, you know? I'm not a hater. There's room for all of us at the finish line and I love my girlfriends and it's like, you stick up for your girlfriends. You don't go against them. It was high school sh*t. 

"It's like what happened to you as a kid to make you like that? Who did what to you? To be that level of nasty, there's no reason for it"

DeCesare wanted to continue working with WWE after the Diva Search, but claims her agent burned the bridge during contract negotiations. She wrestled one match for WWE - a Pillow Fight loss to Hemme at the inaugural Taboo Tuesday.

Other notable contestants from the 2004 Diva Search included Maria Kanellis and Michelle McCool. 

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