Cary Silkin: ROH Final Battle Was "As Good Or Better" Than An AEW PPV

Final Battle was the end of an era for ROH

ROH’s recent Final Battle PPV has been lauded as a critical success, serving as the last chapter of Ring of Honor before its self imposed hiatus going into 2022.

Former ROH owner Cary Silkin is proud of Final Battle, telling Busted Open Radio that he puts it up there with any AEW PPV:

“I do really enjoy AEW,” Cary Silkin admitted. “The Wednesday show I record faithfully, sometimes the Friday show, but Wednesday I am going to record it. Or, if I am home, I’m going to watch it live. It’s good, it’s so good. There’s so many of my friends there, but forget that, it’s a really good product. But what I was going to ultimately say was, as good as their Full Gear PPVs and the All Out’s and I’m forgetting the other names, and they’re fabulous. I think the Ring Of Honor show from 8 till 11 that we just saw was as good, or better. Just because it was shorter and the vibe, I don’t know, I am very proud of what was presented that night.”

As for Ring of Honor’s hiatus, Silkin said the Covid pandemic played a massive part in ROH going into hibernation:

“We never got live TV. When the blame game is going around, just in general, I don’t hear anyone talking about the pandemic. Going into 2020 we were going to be on some form of weekly live broadcasting,” he revealed. “It might have been on a cable network, it might have been on YouTube. But something in a uniform style, and that’s what Joe [Koff] was aiming for. But, due to the pandemic, it didn’t happen.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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