Cesaro Admits Considering A Future Away From WWE

Will the Swiss Superman remain with the promotion?

Cesaro has admitted he considered a future away from WWE before deciding to stay with the company. 

The Swiss Cyborg has been signed to the promotion since 2011 and rumours recently circulated that the 40-year-old's contract with WWE would be expiring shortly after WrestleMania 37, in April. 

Despite multiple runs as a Tag Team champion, and a United States Championship tenure in his early days with the company, Cesaro is yet to hit the top spot fans have advocated him for over the past few years; a calling that has only gathered more voices in recent weeks after some strong showings on SmackDown. 

Amid rumours about his position with the company, Cesaro has admitted his mind wandered to what other options he could have should he decide to leave WWE, before committing himself to Vince McMahon's company. 

Speaking to the New York Post, he said: "So, I’m extremely stubborn. It’s a good and a bad thing obviously, but I really enjoy entertaining people and I really enjoy traveling all over the world and that’s what kept me going. I still believe in hard work paying off and that’s what I wanted to do. 

"Of course, you start to think, OK what are other options or other possibilities. How can improve my standing maybe through some outside ventures or whatever?  But in the end, I just figured OK when the right moment comes I’ll be ready and I’ll knock it out of the park."


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