Cesaro Hoping For 'Legendary Match' With WALTER On WWE UK Tour

The two will clash in a ‘very European’ bout

With WWE’s promotion machine going into overdrive to sell tickets for their upcoming UK tour, it was announced that Cesaro will be taking on WALTER on the tour, in what is quite frankly a mouth watering prospect.

It’s not just wrestling fans who are excited for this match though, as Cesaro himself detailed his excitement at facing Der Ring General, telling the Manchester Evening News:

“He’s somebody I always wanted to face. We have a similar background, coming up through pretty much the same ranks in Europe and then travelling the world. I’m very, very excited that this is going to happen. I’m even more excited to see how excited the fans are to see that much. The fact that it’s only on live events makes me strangely excited because it just means it’s hopefully a legendary match that lives on in people’s heads. The fact it’s happening in England, in Europe, is very special.

“It’s cool to see that England gets something special. I still think we should run a pay-per-view over in England. The fact that they get this match and people are excited for it makes me feel really good.”

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Written by Jack Atkins

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