Cesaro: I Had A Good Start To 2021 In WWE And Then Hit A Roadblock

Cesaro is back in the mid-card after his feuds with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

Cesaro’s career in WWE can be summed up as ‘stop/start’, for as soon as the Swiss Superman gets any sort of momentum, then the rug is pulled from him and he lands back at square one.

2021 looked like it was going to be different for Cesaro though, due to main event feuds with the likes of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, but as he revealed to Metro, the rest of the year hasn’t panned out how it should have:

“I feel like that’s been a big part of my career, right?” Said Cesaro “Every time you think, ‘this is it’, it isn’t… there’s still some work to be done, let’s put it that way! It’s kinda like rooting for your local football club, right, where you’re just like, ‘This is our year! This is our year!’ Then it’s off to a great start and then your heart gets broken again, and you still root for them though because they’re your team. So, everybody out there that’s been rooting for me, I appreciate it – I know how it feels. Trust me, I feel it first!”

Cesaro continued:

“I had a very good start to the year and then I kinda… I hit a road block, so to speak, but then the match gets announced with me and WALTER and people just get so excited about it, and that’s just based on the reputation that we both have. To me, that just proves… ‘Hey guys, just imagine how that reaction would have been if we had continued how we started the year.’”

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