Chad Gable: It Felt So Cathartic To Say Goodbye To 'Shorty G' Gimmick In WWE

'Shorty G' lived until late in 2020

Chad Gable has revealed that WWE gave him the choice to stop doing the 'Shorty G' on Friday Night SmackDown and admitted 'it felt so good' to say goodbye to the character.

Gable was known as 'Shorty G' in WWE between late 2019 and late 2020 but quit using the name last year, reverting back to his previous title - Chad Gable.

The three-time Tag Team Champion in WWE has now opened up on the great feeling he got by not having to do the gimmick any more.

Speaking on El Brunch de WWE, Gable said; "When I got that chance to decide that I wanted to move on from ‘Shorty G’ and I was no longer gonna be that guy, I can’t tell you how cathartic it felt. It felt so good to say ‘I’m done with that'.

"I just know how many people go through that and feel that way about different aspects of their life whether it’s their job or just certain things they’re going through and they say, ‘I wanna be done with that’ and I got to do that and just say, ‘I’m finished. It’s over, no more’ and yeah, it felt so good and I’m so happy."

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