Change Made To AEW Commentary Team

A big name is stepping down from his role on AEW's commentary team

Chris Jericho has been a regular member of the AEW Rampage commentary team since all the way back in 2021 when Rampage made its debut as a one hour weekly television show. Despite hiatuses here and there from the commentary desk due to other commitments or when it has been necessary due to ongoing AEW storylines, Jericho has remained a fairly consistent part of the Rampage announce team… that is until now. 

On last night’s episode of Rampage, Jericho spoke in a backstage interview and revealed that he would be stepping down as a member of the commentary team on the show. The reason given on-screen for this change in direction was because he wanted to spend more time on Dynamite and Collision, because he “loves TV time”. It should be noted that Jericho delivered this news firmly in his new “Learning Tree” character. 

As noted, Jericho hasn’t always filled in his spot at the desk, which has led to “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard to often complete the commentary team - something which looks to be the new plan going forwards.

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