Charlotte Flair & Nix Jax 'Had A Misunderstanding' In WWE Raw Match - D-Von Dudley

Flair & Jax appeared to have a shoot fight in their match

WWE Producer D-Von Dudley says that Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax 'had a misunderstanding' during their match on this week's Monday Night Raw, but quickly resolved it and moved on. 

Fans watching the Raw Women's Champion versus Jax on the August 30 episode of Raw noticed that the duo got into the bout quite heavy, with each appearing to legitimately strike each other and engaging in a shoot fight for a couple of minutes. 

The match seemed to get back on track, with Jax defeating Flair, and Dudley has spoken about the incident, confirming that the two 'got into it heavy'. 

However, the WWE producer also indicated that Flair and Jax got over it quickly and were able to get on with the match.

Speaking on Table Talk, D-Von said: "A lot of people suspect Nia and Charlotte got into it heavy. I even heard some reports that they were beating each other up in the back. Number one, they weren't beating each other up in the back. Something happened in the ring, they handled it the way they handled it and they got over it. It's as simple as that. They got over it.

"Were things done in the ring? I think it's obvious. No dirtsheet writer can put me on blast and go, 'Well, D-Von said...' No, everybody saw what happen this past Monday. It got a little rough. It happens. It's not the first time it happened, but of course, everyone is making a big deal out of it.

"Me and Bubba (Ray Dudley) used to go at people a lot. Some of it was real. A lot of it was real. Not like guys were trying to take advantage of us, but sometimes in the heat of battle, you hear the crowd and things happen to where things get messed up and what have you. Then the other one gets mad and is like, 'Why are you getting so upset and taking it out on me?' Then you wind up going for real. It never turns out good because you have to work with people and see their faces.

"I love both those ladies and wish them nothing but the best. If they have another built up match, you best believe people are going to be watching. That's one of the great things about what happened on Monday. When these two do get a rematch, people will be watching that and will want to see every little thing. I guarantee people will be nitpicking and watching every single move.

"The two ladies had a misunderstanding, they solved it, and now we move on."

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