Chavo Guerrero Reveals He No Longer Speaks To Vickie Guerrero

Following serious accusations Chavo's cousin Sherilyn levied against Vickie's husband

The rift within one of wrestling's most famous families continues to widen, with Chavo Guerrero revealing that he no longer speaks to Vickie Guerrero. 

Vickie was married to Chavo's uncle Eddie between 1990 and his death in 2005. Following Eddie's death, Vickie managed Chavo on-screen in WWE. 

Speaking with Bill Apter for WrestleBinge, the former ECW Champion noted that he doesn't speak to Vickie due to the issues between Vickie, her daughter Sherilyn and Vickie's husband. 

"I don't really talk to Vickie. We don't talk. Especially after this and her response, I was kind of like, 'Urgh'. That's just not good," he said. 

Chavo reiterated his support for his cousin, saying: 

"I really can't comment on that one too much. That's really between her and her daughter and I support her daughter 100% in her coming out against the allegations, but that's really between them two and I don't want to interject myself into that".

Sherilyn accused her stepfather Kris Benson of sexually assaulting her during a cruise in early 2020. Vickie subsequently threatened to take her daughter to court and said that they would 'no longer be related'.

Shaul Guerrero later backed up her sister's account. 

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