Chelsea Green: Tessa Blanchard Tried To Come Out With IMPACT Title At All 2018

Green was unhappy with Blanchard's conduct

Chelsea Green has revealed that Tessa Blanchard made a play to enter into the Four Corners Survival Match at All In 2018 with her IMPACT Women's Championship.

Green, Blanchard, Britt Baker and Madison Rayne competed against each other at All In 2018 - billed as the largest independent wrestling show ever and featuring talent from the likes of IMPACT, ROH and NJPW.

Green has opened up on how the four women found out Blanchard was winning on the day of the show, something she believes ended up happening because of Blanchard's attempts to put herself above the other three.

Speaking on her Green With Envy podcast, she said: "We didn't know who was winning the match until the day of All In, until the afternoon actually.

"Tessa, who was in our match, brought her f**king IMPACT title to the show and tried to come out with it. In my mind, it was a way to look better than all of us. Bringing out a title, being the only person to come to the ring with a title, the fans are obviously immediately going to put you above the rest.

"Also, I feel like she did it because she knew that if she came out with the title, she couldn't lose the title on the show. She couldn't lose the title on a show that wasn't IMPACT Wrestling. At that time, there was no way that would happen. Nowadays, f**k, the door is open. Anywhere can wrestle anywhere and anyone can win or lose any title in any title. A couple of years ago, that wouldn't happen.

"That would have been a way of strong arming the higher-ups into letting her win. Funny enough, she still did win, but we all collectively made sure she didn't come out with the title and that we all came out as equals."

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