Chris Dickinson Files Lawsuit Against Accusers

Following the allegations, Chris Dickinson has said his NJPW deal is "valueless"

Chris Torre (AKA Chris Dickinson) filed a lawsuit before the United States District Court of New Jersey on July 22 against two women who accused him of domestic abuse earlier this year, PWInsider reported. Within the suit, Dickinson claimed they had committed "blatant acts of defamation" which have harmed his career and he is, therefore, seeking damages. 

The allegations come from two former girlfriends of Dickinson's in independent wrestler Christina Kardooni (AKA Christina Von Eerie) and McKaila Coulter. Kardooni alleged back on April 27 that Dickinson "would push me, hold me down, block me from getting to the door, or even pulling me off the door and throwing me on the bed or the floor. He would throw and break things. He didn't care what it was." 

Coulter did not name Dickinson by name but she shared similar allegations to Von Eerie while also alleging that Dickinson's mental abuse was "traumatising." 

Prior to the allegations coming to light, Dickinson was the UWN Champion and had just signed a deal with New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Dickinson lost the UWN Title in May and he has only been booked by New Japan once, facing Hiroshi Tanahashi at a May 15 taping of NJPW Strong. 

Within the lawsuit, Dickinson noted the allegations had made his NJPW contract "valueless" since it was a per-appearance deal and he has not been booked since that match with Tanahashi. He has only wrestled once since his NJPW match at an independent wrestling event in Italy. 

Christina Von Eerie has since issued the following statement

"It has been made public that Christopher Torre, (Chris Dickinson) has filed a federal defamation lawsuit in the district of New Jersey, against McKaila Coulter (ex girlfriend) and myself (ex girlfriend). None of the 3 parties live in NJ. Even his attorneys office is based out of Brooklyn, NY. New Jersey has no anti-SLAPP Law statute. That has made it very difficult and costly for us to find representation. Especially because neither of [us] live anywhere near there.

"We fear that if we don't reply to the lawsuit with proper legal representation not only will it harm us, but it will reinforce that women should be afraid to speak out against their abusers unless they have the resources to also fight them in court.

"Defamation can only be claimed if there is false information. Everything we have spoken out against is true.

"That being said, we did not back down after being sent C&Ds to our jobs and homes. We will continue to stand our ground in the court of law.

"If anyone has any lawyer recommendations or groups they would recommend to help us fight this please reach out.

"Thank you for your support.


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