Chris Jericho Admits He Has Considered Retiring ‘Judas'

Could a theme change be on the cards for AEW’s ‘Influencer’?

It’s one of the biggest crowd participation pieces in current wrestling, as AEW fans sing along to Chris Jericho’s theme ‘Judas’ as ‘Le Champion’ makes his way to the ring. But could that all change?

With Jericho turning heel and forming the Jericho Appreciation Society, changing the theme would draw heat, but as Jericho revealed on Busted Open Radio, he’s still not sure if he should do it:

“Well I mean, it's something that I always think about,” said Jericho. “But it's also something that, are you cutting off your nose to spite your face? We have something very special in AEW that happened very organically and I think it kind of transcends heel or babyface. I think it's one of the very special moments that's synonymous with AEW that nobody else has in any wrestling company. Nowhere is a song that everybody sings the moment that we come out, I come out. The difference is, even if they did sing other people's songs, is this is my song. It's my song. So I have thought about retiring it a few times. I might retire it. I might retire it tonight. But I also think that the show business aspect of it and the spectacle of it far outweighs whether I'm a heel or a babyface because the point of pro wrestling is to get people involved and to have them hooked and get them into the show. This is a great example of that, that we didn't have to shove down anybody's throat, it just happened. I think that's something special. To take that away just because I'm a bad guy might get some heat for a week or two, but I think keeping it on and maybe spinning it a little bit differently, I'll figure that out, I always do, I think it's more important to have that. Like I said, the spectacle of it, I think, is something that's just very, very special that you can't see anywhere else.”

Judas was in place on the St. Patrick’s Day Slam edition of AEW: Dynamite, but Jericho is the master of reinvention, so don’t be surprised if he ever pulls the plug.

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